Episode 47: Version 1.47: Apocalypse, Ow!

The end is finally here! All the symbols glow on the Apocalypse Temple as the final room is opened. Past the disco lies the Closet Room, where you must rescue the new guest-Pygmy Tom from his prison! Tom doesn’t necessarily want to come out of the safety of his shell, so it’s up to you to figure out how to extract him. In this room, you will also meet the Thetans, cute alien spirits with their own agenda.

Tom is the key to a puzzle, which will both begin and end the Apocalypse. First, you must find the secret Altar in the temple to spawn the second coming of Xenu. Xenu will bring with him MORE Thetans, except these spirits are angry! Possess Pygmies with the angry Thetans, and watch the Pygmies become violent!
So now you must figure out how to stop the Apocalypse in order to witness the final climax, featuring something every Pocket God fan has been waiting for! Explore the temple to figure out how to close the clock door and trap Xenu forever….or at least until you start the Apocalypse again!

What Apocalypse would be complete without the DEAD walking the Earth? Included in this update is Aaron Blecha’s Zombie Pack! Aaron Blecha, master of all things macabre (and somehow cute) has created zombie versions of your favorite Pocket God creatures! Turn the T-Rex into a T-Zombie! Zombify the laser shark! Wake undead monkeys…and more! Once again, it’s 99¢, cheap!

And don’t forget the iOS5-powered Battle of the Gods Multiplayer! This adds a fun new dimension to Battle of the Gods where you can play the battle with real people! Go into the battle arena and, in the battle selection screen, tap “multiplayer” to sign up…. and you can challenge random players, your friends or your family to play you in the Battle of the Gods (on their device, of course)! Be sure to use your favorite idols in the battle!

In order to acquire god Idols, you must take the Challenge of the Gods! While the objective of Pocket God is to explore, experiment and have fun, we now offer a whole new way to discover your god powers. On the start screen, tap “View Challenges” and you will see a menu of icons for the last 44 episodes. Tap an icon and you will be challenged to find all the godly powers bestowed upon you for that episode.

Still haven’t had enough Pygmy? Be sure to check out Pocket God: Journey To Uranus, which is now UNIVERSAL and works on iPhone, iPod and iPad! Along with the space age version of Pocket God powers, it has an array of fully realized games. Kill zombies in Decapithon, race aliens in HoverJump, and battle dragons on Uranus. At only 99¢, that gives you a lot for your money!

Currently on Pocket God, the comic: If you aren’t caught up, in the five-part “Gem-Cell Research” it appeared that the boys failed to fix the girls’ Gem of Life, which is too bad because the Seawead Creature is back and set on killing the girls permanently. But all is not as it seems. Can the Pygmies snatch victory from the jaws of, well, the Seaweed Creature? And then, in the next holiday issue, “The Ghosts of Fishmas Past,” Nooby has run away from the tribe to find his old pal “Red” from Xmas Marks the Spot. But he has a very “spirited” new friend following him. We learn that Nooby is a haunted Pygmy…in more than one way! Catch up now on the app store!